Sunday, January 7, 2007

Alison's Birthday

My little girl turned 3! But if you ask her how old she is, she will tell you she's 5. :-D

Here's Alison's morning, started with her Mickey hat, still in her PJ.

We then went out to celebrate, and we came home to my homemade ice cream cake:

She sure was happy!

Here's a slice of Alison's birthday ice cream cake:

I'm not sure if there is a correct way to make ice cream cake. After trying out ice cream cakes from different places, I wasn't thrilled about any of them, so I decided to make my own. I made mine with no cake layer, just ice-cream layers. I started with a plastic container I got from Ikea - a really cheap one. And then I stole some vanilla bean ice-cream from my husband, and let it sit at room temperature until it was soft enough to spread. I lined my container with a plastic wrap first for easy removal later. Then I spreaded my first layer of ice cream onto the lined container. I put the whole thing back into the freezer to refreeze.

I went on doing my stuff, and then I came back to do the second layer. But I added a layer of caramel sauce first before proceeding with my second layer of ice-cream. After my second layer of ice-cream, I added some leftover Oreo cookie crumbs with butter that I made previously for a cheesecake, pressed it down, and then refroze.

I took my cake out this morning, after taking off the plastic wrap, the side didn't look nice at all, so I softened some chocolate ice cream to cover up the ugliness on the outside. I then used a triangular piece of waxed paper to make my piping cone, poured some melted chocolate into it, and I was on my way. The good thing about piping onto an ice-cream surface is that if you make a mistake with your chocolate, you just pick it up, eat that piece of chocolate and do it again.

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