Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Century Egg and Tofu

Right now I have my fan on, but last week, it was cold. Willa, Lee, and I went for hotpot one night last week. We ordered a side dish with century egg, tofu, pork floss, and green onions. It was very simple and very good. I had been wanting to make that dish for a long time but didn't know how. Got a few tips from Willa, so I gave it a try.

You probably notice there are no green onions there - because I'm not a fan. Here's the ingredient list:

cooked tofu, 5 square pieces
1 century egg, quartered
pork floss
soy sauce
Chinese cooking wine
sesame oil

Mix the last 4 ingredients in a bowl. Place tofu pieces on a plate, followed by egg pieces. Pour sauce mixture on top. Add pork floss in the middle. Sprinkle some cut up green onion pieces if you like. Let sit for 1 hour.