Thursday, December 28, 2006

Desserts at Lee's

Khim, Sandra, Lee, Vivian, and myself got together at Lee's house yesterday to make a few desserts that we hadn't tried making before, except for Khim - the master chef among us! :-)

While waiting for Vivian, the night owl (not a morning person), to show up, we started our morning making Mua Chee:

Though it only took 7 minutes to cook the mua chee, it was the best dessert out of the 3 that we made - see below.

Lee was nice enough to cook us lunch, which was Mee Siam by Prima Taste. Yum yum! I think Vivian took a picture, I was too hungry, I started eating right away. After lunch, we continued with our dessert making venture:

Kuih Dadar:

And then we realized that Lee did not have a stand mixer or a hand mixer. We forgot about that, but we needed a mixer to do the egg tart dough. Sandra and Vivian were nice enough to be our stand-in last minute manual mixers:

Their hard work yielded these egg tarts:

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